… but not Nam Prik Mang Da

NamPrikMangDa It’s a good thing to read labels.

Although Nam Prik Pao is lovely addition to any Thai dish, I’m less certain about Nam Prik Mang Da.   In doing a bit of research for some old photo’s I discovered that not only do Thai’s add water bugs to their curries, they also add it to pre-made curry pastes.    It’s call Nam Prik Mang Da.  No doubt it is slightly more expensive than the plain ole Nam Prik Pao.   I’d seen the fresh water bugs in a previous Thai trip.  They have a lovely floral aroma (I smelt it)  and delightful crunch  (I was told) but I thought they’d be  too expensive for commercially made curry pastes.  Not so.

Notice the lack of bug-looking ingredients on the bottle’s label.

Here’s what Mang Da actually looks like.  Yum.MangDa


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