First Breads

First Bread

I am settling in to a new home on the Pacific West Coast of British Columbia.

The trek from middle Ontario was a long and eventful, even if by air rather than wagon trail.  Just like the old time pioneers, I packed  my sourdough starter in my trunk. Unlike the pioneers, liquids are not allowed in carry-on and I had to figure out how to store my starter for travel.

King Arthur had the recommendation to dehydrate and pulverize it into SD starter shards.

Toronto starter (1)

However, now I’m trying to bring the starter back to life.

That is not going so well.

Three days after re-hydration and two feedings later, this is what my Toronto starter looks like.

Toronto starter day3

I’m going to give it a few more feedings and a couple more days.

But if it doesn’t liven up soon, I’ll have to give up and catch some wild Pacific yeasties to make a brand new, West Coast starter.

In the meantime, I’ve been missing my bread.

One cannot survive on store ‘boughten’ loaves alone.

I don’t have all of my bread making gear in place but I decided to give my kitchen oven a try. These are my First Breads.  They are poolish based, made with Western Canada AP flour, whole wheat and rye.

There was a pretty nice bloom from my un-trained oven.  As to be expected, regulating the temperature was a problem but it’ll figure itself out.    The bread itself tasted lovely and it had a good, hearty chew.  Yum.  Nothing says Home like a slice of warm bread and a slash of cold melting butter.

Ucluelet, British Columbia.  July 2018


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