Whole Grain Breads

Buttermilk WW and Spelt

Get ready to be bored by a weekly barrage of bread. I’m back to school at George Brown College learning all about Whole Grain Artisan Bread.

This being the first of twelve weeks of classes, I was embarrassingly unprepared. I remembered the essentials of my uniform (pants, jacket, apron and hat)  but I had to re-assemble my kit. This being a bread making class I packed the minimum (scale and scrapers) and removed the unnecessary (scissors and knives.)   Or so I thought.  After all, we were  going to make flat bread and pan loaves in Week #1. For what would we need scissors and knives?

Lesson #1:  Scissors are absolutely necessary.  Many whole grain and specialty flours are vacuum packed in one kilo packages.  Ripping them open with your teeth is not allowed.

Lesson #2:  Flatbread flavored with a whole head of garlic and two hanks of fresh herbs requires chopping.  A lot of chopping.

Luckily my bench partner and I were a complementary pair.   She had all the tools I hadn’t packed and I had all the items she’d forgot.

Here’s a look at the bread we made:  Stone ground whole wheat bread made with buttermilk and honey.   Flatbread made from spelt flour and flavored with garlic and herb infused olive oil.

Both were tasty, especially  the WW bread which was dense, chewy and slightly sweet.  These were hearty, European style  breads, perfect for open faced sandwiches, teamed up with steaming bowls of soup.


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