I liked this article QZ: Rotisserie chicken but I took exception to some of its claims. For instance, it says

“the modern-day rotisserie renaissance—cheap birds in take-home containers at supermarkets and big-box stores—can be traced back to the early ‘90s”.

Now wait a minute. I remember salivating over rotisserie chicken at Monty’s Inn in Kingston, Jamaica in the early 70’s. My mother refused to buy it, saying that it was tasteless and overpriced.  That never stopped me from sniffing and wishing for it.

And what about Swiss Chalet chicken?! In Toronto, it’s the family friendly food chain restaurant that’s been the favorite of every kid growing up since 1954.   It serves luscious rotisserie baked chicken with perfect fries and dunk-addictive ‘chalet sauce.’  There’s nothing remotely Swiss on the menu but no one even questions that anymore. Swiss Chalet is just is.

Hmm. Swiss Chalet Festive Special: Chicken, Stuffing AND Chocolate!

But maybe the salient word is ‘cheap.‘  In Costco (the #1 seller of rotisserie chicken) a cooked 1.2kg bird is  $7.99 CAD ($4.99 for my US neighbors.)

Silly me, I thought the Costco chicken was my personal bargain budget find. Who knew that it was just a ploy and that the extra large, 2L bucket of potato salad and 1kg of Cesar salad was what Mr Costco actually wanted me to buy!



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